Welcome to Tread Gently

Welcome to Tread Gently,

Tread Gently was the world's first Internet Based Travel Documentary. Conceived and created By Eric & Sarah Roberts in 1996. The web was in its infancy and the idea of wondering around the bush with a satellite phone and a laptop computer was totally outlandish.

There were few programs to help with writing the pages and they were dismayed to discover that they had to teach themselves the various computer languages to pull the pages together. They did it, and over a period of three months travelled to some of the most remote parts of Australia and documented it all on the web for your enjoyment. Here is their story!

"It was in 1996 that we first headed off on our big adventure around Australia. It was a fun and challenging trip. We started out as fairly green city-slickers and found that as we travelled further and further from civilisation we began to shed many of the notions that we had held dear for most of our lives. By the time we finished our wonderings to settle in the hinterlands of Byron Bay we were completely transformed.

To honour this process of transformation and the historical nature of this site, we have maintained Tread Gently in its original state and we hope that this will give you an insight into the things that we experienced.

We also hope that you will continue to use it, the way others have in the past, to ask questions about specific places, to comment about our insights, or to share your own experiences etc. We truly appreciate all the feedback that we have had over the years and we look forward to hearing from you in the future...so have a look around and get in contact if you feel like it..."

This site represents people, businesses, and places in terms of how they appeared to us at the time and should not be considered indicative of how they may be now.

Tread Gently

..with your hosts Eric and Sarah as they journey across the ancient and vast continent of Australia. A land of adventure...the last frontier.

Travel through this spectacular country visiting the lush rainforests of north Queensland, the teeming waters of the Great Barrier reef, the arid deserts of central Australia, and the rugged remoteness of the Kimberley. Perhaps like many other people out there, you don't have the time to drive across a country like Australia, to explore wild National Parks and rugged coastlines, camp out under the stars, go fishing for Barramundi, or frolic with kangaroos.......well we did have the time, in fact we made the time especially for you!

While we were on the road we downloaded, via Satellite direct to our web site - (what an amazing high tech world we live in!), photos and interesting things encountered, coupled with our personal insights on each place visited.

YOU! are an integral part of this adventure. We want an opportunity to exchange information and ideas with you. So don't be shy, and make sure you get to our Contact Us page and lets us know what you think.

Questions, comments, scorn or praise....contact us on the road. Not only do we want you to participate in our journey, we also want to know what you think.
We in return, will do our very best to answer your various, numerous, diverse and no doubt interesting questions!
Our goal, above all, is to establish a fun, informative and compelling site, based on the experiences of exploration, action, and interaction.
There is a down to earth and gently trodden human element to our whole journey...It will be real, random, revealing, and reflective. In essence............................... recommended & required viewing (at least we're hoping so!)

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An ever exciting and challenging road awaits!

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