Darwin to Barra Base

  Barra Base Bound! Darwin to Bathurst Island – 3rd September     So…….we’re at the Top End at long last! Destination Darwin- Mission achieved- the largest city up at this end of the continent. Perhaps it’s our vivid imaginations, perhaps it’s just harsh reality, but it feels REALLY hot up here. We’re slipping, slopping, […]

Lawn Hill Gorge

Lawn Hill Gorge- OASIS! 29th -31st of August- Thursday morning broke crystal clear blue and gloriously perfect, like the previous 30 days. In fact, since we turned due west from the Tropical Coast we have not encountered a rain drop! Our prized destination was the superb Lawn Hill Gorge. We had already reserved a camp […]

Across the Gulf

Across the Gulf August 28th Lawn Hill National Park is an oasis amongst the harsh Gulf country. Only a mere 400 kilometres away, we unanimously decided to head there. We started out along the unfuelled, unfenced Burke & Wills Developmental Road. This road really is quite different because there’s nothing out there apart from the […]

South Mission Beach

  The Casso-WARY coast – Where is Big Bird???? New month ….1st of August…….Thursday   You will always find waterfalls, rainforests, choice fishing spots, and utopian campsites high on our hit list of things to do. With Wallaman Falls, (Australia’s highest at 305 metres) only 50 kilometres due West from Lucinda, we decided to go […]


Reels, Rods and Rid- Fishing Hinchinbrook Island Wednesday, the 31st & last day of July We awoke to yet another perfectly glorious day-25 C in the shade and not a cloud in the sky. We had pitched our tent in a campground at Lucinda. Lucinda is a tiny coastal town whose fame comes from its […]

Fix the Air-Conditioner! (Townsville) – 29th of July

Drip……drip drip…..drip….drip…..There’s water dripping on my toes and sweat down my back. Oh, no…..we’re heading into the far north of the Queensland coast and our air-conditioner has decided to temporarily stop pumping out icy cold air. Instead, it favours something around the 28 C mark(approx 85F). This is not what one wants when it is […]