Our Gear

  THE GEAR – September 3rd   THE GEAR!!!!!! A lot of you guys have been e-mailing us with queries about our various bits of gear. So to set the record straight we’ll try to clarify a few things for you. When we started out we had everything imaginable if it had buttons or an […]

Gregory River

Gregory River- perfect campsite Wednesday 28th of August This part of the Gregory River truly does deliver the goods- providing an abundance of great campsites for those game enough to drive these dry desolate roads. After many sweaty hours in the car, and arriving after 8:30pm, the deep, croc-free freshwater holes are a welcome relief. […]


Karumba 27th of August- Sas’s condition seems to be stable she’s a little quieter than yesterday but I think that she, at least, is comforted by the close body contact that I have been giving her. At times she seems to even perk up a little I am hopeful that the new formula will make […]


  Normanton- The wallaby lives! Monday the 26th of August-   We slowly crawled out of bed with the wallaby Sas and started drinking coffee. Still quite tired from a night of little sleep, we were both heartened by the fact that gorgeous Sas was miraculously still alive, hadn’t recognised that Eric and I were […]

Undara Lava Tubes

Great Big Lava Tubes- Undarra Sunday August 25th- After three days unexpected stopover in Cairns (staying at the less than friendly Coral Tree Inn!) we headed off, clutching our new mobile satellite phone firmly in our hands. This new unit had been flown up from Sydney (actually the phone unit somehow missed Cairns, went on […]

Bathurst Bay

Bathurst Bay-Still no reply! Late August- After another 8 hours driving and being scrutinized by many a bull (like lurking traffic inspectors), we finally pulled up over a ridge of sand dunes to Bathurst Bay. This truly is an incredibly exciting location. The view of the Bay was absolutely breathtaking and will be entrenched in […]

Laura to Cairns

Here today-gone tomorrow Laura to Cairns Realising that our mobile phone was only capable of bleating out NO REPLY FROM SYSTEM we sadly realised that a return trip to the telephone repair shop in Cairns was probably unavoidable. We called our Optus dealer in Sydney to get some help in our time of need. After […]

Starcke Creek

Rough Roads, Termite Mounds & Death Adders – Starcke National Park DATE- Too bumpy to care! A rough 4WD track mostly crossing private property and two days solid driving to cover a mere 180 kilometres awaited us….so to procrastinate we decided to check out a rodeo that was at the Aboriginal community of Hopevale before […]


Captain Cook Cooktown August 16th-Saturday Morning 1770 was the date. June was the month. Captain Cook was the name. What was the event you ask, madly racking your brain???????????? In June 1770, Captain James Cook landed at Cooktown and came ashore when his ship “The Endeavour” struck a coral reef. The history that surrounds Cooktown […]