Dinosaur Tracks and Stockmen- Homeward Bound
DATE- Last three days of the trip!


It is with teary eyes that we put sticky fingers to this battered keyboard. The inevitable has arisen before all of our very eyes. We have reached the last three days of our mammoth journey. After leaving the gem fields we’ve decided to make a beeline for home, Byron Bay. All good things must come to their dutiful end. Our trip is no exception.

We’re about to jump borders again, this time back to Queensland, closely and hotly followed by New South Wales. All that lies between us and QLD are many large ant mounds and a dusty and long stretch of road. Mind you- these aren’t your average run of the mill ant mounds, some are as high as 5 metres!

The dusty road actually became a tad of an adventure because who should come casually sauntering along, but a gipsy caravan pulled by none other than THREE CAMELS!!!!!! Jangling saucepans, colourful washing, international flags, jingling bells, Japanese scrolls, batik cushions, and buckets of camel feed adorned the caravan, whilst ABBA blared out from a radio somewhere in the depths. You could imagine our surprise when this troupe pulled up next to our troopy. Mon Dieu!!

It was enough to make us put down “The Lord Of The Rings” at a crucially exciting moment. Out hopped an eclectically dressed elderly man who hastened to inform us he was slowly making his way from Boulia to Broome vis-a-vis his camels. (The camels answered to the names of “Schnitzel, Jezebel, and Caraway”.

The even crazier thing is that as our conversation wore on, it came to pass that Eric and this man actually had mutual friends back in Sydney. The world ain’t so large after all!

After that incidence, the road became quite dull but for a few lizards, galloping emus, big red kangaroos, echidnas and brown snakes. It is important to note that it is impossible to ever becomes blaze about the sight of these magnificent and unique Australian animals. Never realised emus could dart so swiftly….one was averaging 90 km per hour!

Unfortunately as the hours pass on, and the kilometres tick over we find ourselves inexorably drawn back closer and closer to the finale of our trip. This actually poses itself as somewhat of a wee little problem.

Hi Ho

Having truly become accustomed and comfortable with our adventurous existence the end looms ahead like an ominous black storm cloud. Civilisation and domestication also become acutely apparent as we inch closer and closer towards urban life.

It is with a heavy heart that we draw near to the end of our adventure. Yet as one door closes another opens and we have a home to build in Byron Bay and no doubt many exciting and challenging times ahead….. most of all we want to say thank you to all those people who have tuned in, followed and been our companions on this trip… it would not have been the same without you. You have brought a focus and meaning to all our travels and allowed us to see Australia through your eyes.

Thank you all again… Happy trails and most of all…Tread Gently.

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