Gregory River

Gregory River- perfect campsite
Wednesday 28th of August

This part of the Gregory River truly does deliver the goods- providing an abundance of great campsites for those game enough to drive these dry desolate roads. After many sweaty hours in the car, and arriving after 8:30pm, the deep, croc-free freshwater holes are a welcome relief.

Upon waking, we actually had a chance to properly explore around our campsite. Much to our joy, we discovered a beautiful waterhole (that ran for a few kilometres) just up the river a few hundred metres. We also happened to find a glorious campsite right next to the river with no one else around. The funny thing is that only a mere 300 metres away people were camped on top of each other. As soon as we walked around the corner- not a sole! It’s quite amusing how the majority of campers often have a tendency to congregate within a minuscule 3mm of each other definitely not our style!

We quickly shifted our campsite upriver and decided to spend the day paddling around in the waterhole in our inflatable canoe. The reality of the situation was that we spent the day trying to manoeuvre and master our inflatable canoe. Until the two of you both manage to get it in sync……’s definitely an amusing sight. We twisted and meandered all over the water hole……

The weather was absolutely magnificent. The perfect day of sun and no clouds were rapidly followed by a cheddar-cheese full moon.
This camp marked a turning point in our approach to the trip. For weeks we have struggled with our gear. Trundling it in and out of the car every time we arrive at a new place. This was going to stop.

We slept out on our mattress under the stars. Although we were occasionally disturbed by the odd Cane Toad that tried to jump onto our mattress and join us in bed….we had a peaceful nights sleep. Once you’ve spent a few nights sleeping out under the stars you’ll understand what an amazing feeling it is. Whenever we can, we try to. The most significant hindering facts prove to be the bugs, cane toads, rain or the feral pigs. As long as there aren’t too many of them around, the tent stays right where it belongs in the car.

At this point, I would like to say that we have been a little naughty we were having such a good time that we forgot to take any pictures, rest assured we will be trying harder not to forget to in the future! Sorry!!!

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