Laura to Cairns

Here today-gone tomorrow Laura to Cairns

Realising that our mobile phone was only capable of bleating out NO REPLY FROM SYSTEM we sadly realised that a return trip to the telephone repair shop in Cairns was probably unavoidable. We called our Optus dealer in Sydney to get some help in our time of need. After having tried numerous numerical codes, tweaking the antenna in every imaginable place and doing rain dances and jigs to the satellite up yonder in space, we faced the harsh reality and turned the car South heading down the Developmental Road to Cairns.

Only to meet with near disaster on the way…

At the top of a crest just ahead of us I could see another cattle grid (a device that sits across the road and allows cars to pass but terrifies cows). It was about 9pm and I had been driving all day….suddenly I noticed a mob of about 15 Brahman cattle looking very startled on the opposite side of the road just behind the fence. My worst fears coming true, they started to run across the road right in front of us.

It all happened very quickly…much faster than you ever really want these sort of things to happen.

They were already on the road as I crossed the grid. I veered as hard as I could to the left, without risking a rollover at such high speed, off the road and onto the dirt (even though this gave me less control there were fewer cows. I didn’t have room to go to the right and slip behind them. To plough straight ahead………………suicide!)

I remember them getting closer and closer as I continued to veer to the left, and for a moment I thought Maybe I’ll make it!….NOOOO
The animal’s head struck the right front corner of the bullbar…breaking its neck instantly and flinging it around so that its body pounded the drivers side of the car…the others just behind must have been knocked out of the way, for now, I found myself careering along the edge of a large embankment…up ahead it was only getting larger. I eased the car, significantly slowed but still doing at least 70km, over the edge and hoped like hell that the thing wouldn’t roll…if I’d stayed it would have for sure….just lucky I guess.
We pulled up about 100m further down the road, a bit shaky but alive and in one piece.


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