Dunk Island

Taking the tinnie to town (Dunk Island)
Sunday the 4th of August

Sunday………………Most normal civilians spend Sunday mornings lazing in bed, eggs & bacon, the local paper, coffee & croissants, and all that jazz…….as for us-no such luck! At 6 am Kurrimine Beach camping site transforms into a noise nightmare……..all the locals pull their boats down the boat ramp(which happened to be next to our tent) on huge rickety thundering tractors. Then for stage two, they fire up their huge chunky thundering outboards and head out to the reef for the daily fishing. I can not begin to emphasise how important fishing is to the people of this region. Without fail, rain or shine, the locals go and strip the waters of fish from dawn till dusk. I don’t think that there are nearly as many fish now as there were ten years ago – and any of the ones that are still in the water would be unlikely to have any front teeth left! Seriously though, I think that we are seeing the effects of the whole world being overfished.

Seeing as neither of us packed earmuffs, we decided to get up and take the tinnie to town (the tinnie being our little boat). After our standard tea and toast breakfast, we threw some fishing gear into the boat and headed off.

Unfortunately not much was happening in sleepy old Mission Beach Town, so we decided to head off and explore Dunk Island for the day. Dunk Island is only a calm 15 minutes away from Mission Beach by boat.

The island is quite small and contains only one resort. There are also camping grounds and the rest of the island is primarily protected marine land and state forest. There is a cute little beachy shack place where you can sit in the shade and chew on a hamburger with the quintessential Australian beer XXXX (four x) and look out on the glorious water.

The surrounding waters of the island are indeed full of a mighty multitude of marine creatures. A quick spin around the island had us sidling up alongside a gigantic Turtle, swimming Crabs, and Honeycomb Cod. Eric successfully managed to catch 5 of the little fish. After having a good look at them and detaching them from the lure, we threw them back into the water, safe and sound.

We did manage to find one of the many perfect spots on the Island, a little coral beach with a patch of the rainforest right behind. The surrounding rocks were superb for snorkelling. Yet another magical and isolated place. Having a small tinnie is the ideal way to explore the tropical waters and deserted beaches of the reef.

To find perfect spots untouched by time, developers of concrete jungles and high technology- head to far North Queensland. It is definitely a haven for those who appreciate the laid-back and simple lifestyle.

We’re off to Cairns next, the Marlin Capital of the world.

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