Mission Beach

Mission Beach
Friday the 2nd day in the month of August

We awoke in our idyllic camping site and decided to head off to do some exploring around Mission Beach. Eric had been here seven years ago and we both feared that it may have changed for the worst and become another Surfers Paradise on the Queensland Coast. Fortunately, though it remained much unchanged- down to the little restaurants, cafes and shops.- it is still a charming sleepy coastal town that looks and feels a bit like time stopped around 1975. The whole Mission Beach Area is quite frankly spectacularly beautiful. This is the largest remaining tract of coastal lowland rainforest in Northern Queensland, and an exciting coastline that beckons exploration. The rainforests run down to the beach, the soil is red and fertile, and the locals unpretentious and friendly. With a plethora of scenic coastal drives, rainforest, cosy caravan parks with tropical beach outlooks, beautiful reefs, croccy country and jungle splendour this area is a must-see destination for travellers.

The beaches are all only minutes away from the glorious Great Barrier Reef and Dunk Island, hence the main attractions of the area include diving, snorkelling and reef fishing. Although many people are only familiar with the Whitsunday Islands, in actual fact there are hundreds of islands just waiting to be explored. Eric and I decided to jump in our boat and head off to them.

With the friendly help of a local islander, we made it out over the shallow reef to the larger reefs about 20 kilometres offshore. Much to our surprise and joy we chugged past dolphins, a pair of tiger sharks ever so slightly larger than our boat, crabs, fish, and lots of coral. The water was absolutely beautiful. The calm water made our trip out smooth. After a few hours of fishing around, we finally reached the outer reef. We stopped trolling and decided to cast some lures. After only seconds Eric had a tug on his line….we excitedly pulled it in, only to discover that it was a cuttlefish entangled in the lure. Eric struggled with the cuttlefish, trying to release the nasty metal hook that had plunged into his tentacle. In return, all the cuttlefish could do was spray both Eric and I in a fishy black ink.

Incredibly hungry and in dire need of some solid land to stand on after 5 hours in the boat, we decided to land on a little island called South Barnard Island.

This exquisite island was our exotic luncheon point. After a swim and frolic around, we headed back to camp for an afternoon siesta………..

Time to go vegetate under a coconut palm………ciao….more later p.s……special big hello to Terrific Trevor, Quiche Lorraine, and Nice Nathan… Thanks for the fabby e-mail………Don’t worry, we’ll catch the big one soon….slow and steady wins the race………….

P.P.S.Why don’t you jump on a plane and come up North to show us how it’s really done??????????????

Seriously though….that’s all folks……more soon…………. BYE LOVE Eric & Sarah

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