No Cane, No Gain (Mackay) – 28th of July

CANE TOADS, CANELAND, SUGAR CANE……CANE CANE CANE……..There sure is a lot of cane in this town. Mackay is a region famous for its sugar growing. Sugar, pineapples, and mining were the original bases of this town’s economy. A tour to charming Pioneer Valley (only a couple of hours West from Mackay) affords you an interesting tour of a sugar farm and refinery. With the exception of the sugar cane though, the rest of the cane paraphernalia is quite ugly. CANELANDS is a massive conglomerate gigantious mall. Shopping heaven for all those mall lovers amongst us and in the Queensland region of Mackay(YES…..hello Mom!) As for the CANE TOAD……he is an ugly little warty frog which I had the misfortune to tread on last night in the dark…SQUELCH……..not impressed! Neither was the cane toad….he did manage to limp off, and I ran back to the cabin to check if he had indeed smeared the infamous poison into my foot. Luckily I wasn’t. A word of warning……these cane toads are lurking everywhere…..BE CAREFUL.

Recruited in 1932 from South America the huge and ugly cane toad was brought out to combat a seemingly large plague of greyback beetles. Little where we to suspect that the cane toads were to become an even greater problem than the one they were trying to destroy. They never managed to eradicate the sugar eating greyback beetle…… mistake!…the toads were a total failure on all counts and an ecological disaster. Forget the beetles….these toads bred all over the place and have now infiltrated into other States such as New South Wales and the Northern Territory.

P.S. It is well worth noting that Mackay is at present reigning champion for holding the world record for the largest cane toad ever recorded. The monster 1.8 kg cane toad was found down near the Northern Beaches of Mackay, quite near to where I am sitting right now. WOW!

Mackay’s position as sugar capital of Australia has in recent years been undoubtedly usurped by tourism. Mackay’s location means it is only minutes away from both the magnificent Whitsunday Islands and the Great Barrier Reef….. Provided that the water is warm enough, no trip to this part of Queensland is complete without a diving, snorkelling or boating trip to this fascinating marine environment.

If you have the time to spare, escaping out to some of the islands is well worth the effort. Anyway…a magnificent sunset is about to transpire before our very eyes on this lovely beach, and we’re going to go and capture it on film for you folks who can’t be here to share it with us.

Just like to mention that an absolute must whilst staying in the Mackay region is to pick up a copy of THE MACKAY MOCKERY. This absolutely precious and hilarious local newspaper provides a total mockery of any standard paper with it’s a humorous satire on politics, world important events, celebrities and just about anything else. To finish off today’s download we couldn’t resist throwing in a little excerpt for you too to have a taste of the local Queensland humour.heh…heh…heh…heh…..heh………heh………….heh…………….heh……

Excerpt from The Mackay Mockery…….page 8…….Sunday 28th of July NEWS IN BRIEF: LONDON-
The Prince of Wales and Lady Dye have come to an amicable arrangement at last. He is to keep Carmilia Bolsover, Dye goes to the USA on a 50 000 pounds annual pension for life plus an undisclosed lump sum; additionally, she will receive three Australian lifesavers for her private amusement. Charles is to write a second book, explaining how being present as a child at the burial of his brother’s pet frog, his perception became unhinged irretrievably. He will also detail in gory fashion how Prince Flip made him wave to kindergarten teachers.

From his LA home, Sylvester Stallone announced his firm plans for a post-cold-war film, starring Robert Redfern, Julia Rooters and the Pope plus himself as a daring computer analyst who is moonlighting for the CIA. In his 2 minute speech, comprised of at least five separate sentences each with six words, Mr Stallion said that he is to diffuse a time bomb which had been ticking in a vault in the Vatican since 1957. ” What’s a man’s got to do……he’s got to do. I’ll go down. I’ll go in. I’ll diffuse it……yeah!”

More soon……..Cheers everyone!

P.S. Just like to say an extra special hi and howdy doody to all the folks at home……Miss you! but certainly, don’t wish we were back in Old Sydney Town at all……..

Roger. Jim. Jerry and Basil. Over and out.

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