Moby Dickless(Hervey Bay) 26th July

After a somewhat slow departure from Byron Bay due to copious amounts of roadworks, we continued due North straight up to Hervey Bay. Hervey Bay is the whale watching capital of Australia, and with whale festival, only hours from starting, the otherwise sleepy town was bustling with campers, 4WDrivers, and whale and dolphin enthusiasts from around the globe.

Humpback whales would definitely be one of the most phenomenal creatures to encounter, growing to 16m long and weighing up to 40 tonnes, they are a magnificent sight to behold. Unfortunately, the weather was bad, and we weren’t able to go out. The best time to spot them is from August 1st onwards through to October. As the town is purely devoted to whales and whales only, we made a decision to push on North to sunshine, warmer weather and crocodiles.

Hervey Bay is well worth a stop to catch a glimpse of these amazing creatures, (one of the only places in the world where you can get within touching distance), but other than that the town has, unfortunately, let go of its original charm and replaced it with the ubiquitous KFC, McDonald’s and every gimmick under the sun to promote their local mammals!

It’s worth noting that there is a funky little caravan park down by the harbour at Urangan with nice campgrounds. If you are fortunate enough to secure a position next to the toilet block (as we luckily did) you can be truly entertained and amused with Tibbits of families conversations as they shower. For example……….. “It’s no good spending a long time in the shower, you’re just wasting water” Reply “Pigs arse (ass) I enjoy it!” Oh yes, the Australian slang we are yet to hear so much of on our merry travels. We’re off to bed now. Tomorrow we drive straight on to Mackay. Bonsoir….and Au Revoir…………………Cheers mate!

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