Leaving Sydney – July 10, 1996

Well… we are still here, even though we were supposed to leave about 3 days ago. There’s just been too much to organise in the time that we gave ourselves. Probably the most time-consuming part so far has been getting these pages ready. It may not look that involved but let me assure you it has been!
That’s all for now but as soon as we take off………..

We’re out! Out of the city at last. We finally decided that it was time to go, ready or not, so we packed the car with everything that we could think of and as soon as we managed to squeeze into the seats we drove away… there wasn’t much room I can tell you.
We headed straight for Byron Bay on the north coast of New South Wales (a little confession to make here, we have a farm just outside of town and we decided that it was the perfect place to iron out the last few things that needed to be done) with an overnight stop in Coffs Harbour at the very smart Pacific Motor Inn (it had the best toy car collection of any motel I’ve ever been to!) See you in the next update…. cheers Eric & Sarah

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