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Tread Gently was the Worlds’ first travel blog fully published on the road (back then it was known as an Internet Based Travel Documentary).

The was a fellow who wrote articles and sent them to a publisher who then posted them online, but Tread Gently was made completely on the go using a satellite phone, a laptop, and the worlds first digital camera.

Conceived and created By me, Eric Roberts, with the aid of my then wife Sarah,  in 1996. The web was in its infancy and the idea of wandering around the Australian outback with a satellite phone and a laptop computer and the worlds first digital camera was totally outlandish.

There were no Apps to help with writing the pages and I was dismayed to discover that I had to teach myself the various computer languages to pull the pages together. I did it, and over a period of three months we travelled to some of the most remote parts of Australia and documented it all on the web for your enjoyment. Here is our story!

“It was in 1996 that we first headed off on our big adventure around Australia. It was a fun and challenging trip. We started out as fairly green city-slickers and found that as we travelled further and further from civilisation we began to shed many of the notions that we had held dear for most of our lives.

By the time we finished our wanderings to settle in the hinterlands of Byron Bay we were completely transformed.

To honour this process of transformation and the historical nature of this site, I have maintained Tread Gently in its original state and I hope that this will give you an insight into the things that we experienced.

I also hope that you will continue to use it, the way others have in the past, to ask questions about specific places, to comment about our insights, or to share your own experiences etc.

I truly appreciate all the feedback that we have had over the years and I look forward to hearing from you in the future… So have a look around and get in contact if you feel like it…”

I lost the original URL (domain name) and the person who has it now wants $5000 for it. That’s a bit rich for us. This is why we have put the site back up on this Domain Name.

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